Writing for Change: Become a Volunteer at INKspire

INKspire hosts its own publishing platform with over 800 articles from 300+ contributors. INKspire is always looking for new writers to join the team. Here are the top reasons why you should join us!

Share your perspective

INKspire’s mission is to give Canadian youth a platform to express themselves. At INKspire your voice truly matters, write about any topic you find interesting. This includes art, culture, science, technology, and more! 

Grow your skillset

Unlock your full potential as a writer at INKspire! Our dedicated Team Leaders are committed to nurturing your talent and offering valuable feedback to enhance your craft. This is a unique opportunity to showcase your work and propel your writing to new heights. 

Build your community

Discover the power of connection with INKspire, where we bring together vibrant Canadian youth from coast to coast! Immerse yourself in a dynamic community, with opportunities to collaborate and brainstorm new ideas. INKspire is the perfect place to make friends while exploring your creativity!

If you’re interested in joining the team go to https://secure.collage.co/jobs/inkspireorg to check for open positions!