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I Hate MasterClass

Picture this! I was sitting in a Gazebo outside of my public library. The day was wet and the Wi-Fi was free. While the flowers, birds and trees were all contributing their portions to the world of beauty, song and oxygen, I, for my part, was doing my best to transcend my remote-working responsibilities with a YouTube video of a man…

Thorolf Van Walsum 


Writing for Change: Become a Volunteer at INKspire

INKspire hosts its own publishing platform with over 800 articles from 300+ contributors. INKspire is always looking for new writers to join the team. Here are the top reasons why you should join us!


Meet Gracen McKenzie

Gracen McKenzie is a passionate and experienced individual who has been chosen to facilitate the tri-annual Write to Discover (WTD) Workshop hosted by INKspire. WTD is a free virtual creative writing program for youth aged 15-24. The winter workshop series will focus on playwriting, participants will learn to look at theater from a multidisciplinary perspective.


Artistic Altruism: How 3 Arts Non-Profits Empower Youth Creatives

INKspire’s mission is to elevate youth voices in mainstream media through writing and interactive projects. The organization hosts its own publishing platform with over 800 articles from 300+ contributors. INKspire gives Canadian youth a platform to explore topics like art, culture, science, technology and social issues. 

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Meet our new volunteers

The INKspire volunteer team continues to grow each year. Let’s give our new volunteers a warm welcome!

Manhoor Sheikh

Community relations manager

“My name is Mahnoor and I will be entering my fourth year at UTM with a double major in sociology and political science!”

Eunice Yeung

marketing coordinator

Eunice Yeung is a social media consultant, photographer, videographer, and social media content creator based in Toronto Canada. She has also worked for 5 different startups during her undergrad at Ryerson University. Her passion lies in the food and fashion industry.