INKspire is committed to bringing youth a culture of belonging and mutual sharing.


We believe in the power of information and intelligence sharing. We look forward to continuing to address the absence of youth voice in mainstream media. To make this possible, we’ve brought together a diverse team of individuals passionate about creative writing, leadership and problem-solving through self-reflection and creative expression.



Constant dedication to uplifting youth voice



Published articles on INKspire's Online Publication



Volunteers & contributors, including writers & mentors

Expanding opportunities

Providing youth with accessible programming, mentorship services, and inclusive spaces to help them grow their skills, share knowledge, and unlock career opportunities.

Growing through self-reflection and creative expression

"The very essence of art is expressing oneself." At INKspire, we want to be a safe and supportive space for youth to express themselves and nurture their own unique artistic voice.

Building skills & accelerate career growth through mentorship

Provide youth with personalized mentorship opportunities where they can be paired up or connected with mentors in the same or adjacent field to develop interpersonal skills while strengthening knowledge of their craft.

Fuel learning from diverse point-of-views

We embrace the diverse backgrounds of our volunteers and build a sense of belonging by ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to lead and learn from each other.

Humans of INKspire

Building a culture of belonging that inspires internal members to share their backgrounds, dreams and aspirations. 

Sherry Shu
Founder of Find Your Story

"Storytelling has been an important part of my identity. I’ve always loved learning about the world and asking big questions, so that’s partly why my story is about journalism."

Evan Hallward
Founder of Aboard

"I’ve always loved how technology is used in our day-to-day life to live healthier or work better. So today, I’m building my own tech company called Aboard to help growing companies better onboard their new employees."

Navita Verma
Founder of Nuleena Foods

"I think a lot of millennials and Gen Z who want to live healthier lives are often burdened by the lack of food products that accommodate their desired lifestyle. We’re here to solve that by providing organic, non-GMO spices and blends so they can cook the meals they want and live healthier lives."


Careers at INKspire

Our mission is to help increase youth’s voice and spread awareness in the world. Join us and make an impact at a global scale.

Support INKspire's growing initiatives

Help us curate a safe, positive environment where we can continue to make a difference. You can support us by simply joining our network, apply for available programs, or offer monetary donations to help us fund the organization.

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